These are past, present, or future projects within which members of FNF have been involved:

The Traditionist– Joey released Narratives LP and Mexico, Mexico, Mexico EP in 2018. Give it a listen.

Sea Goods– Chris Good (drums) recently wrote and played all the instruments on this spunky, new track.

The Antiques Soundcloud and The Antiques- Behind Your Eyes– The Antiques was primarily Joey Barro, Ben Donaldson, and Chris Good. There were also quick glimpses and long stares with the likes of Ryan Crego, Josh Hertz, Sarah Scarlata, Brenden Salmon, Shaun Hettinger, and others.

Franklin Music School- “We Have Always Lived in a Castle”– Released in 2010. Franklin Music School included Brenden Salmon, Ben Donaldson, Ryan Crego, Craig Welik, and Chris Good.